What is my Soul Mission?

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is?

Each lifetime has a mission expressed as soul colours and other energies, but it's up to you how to manifest your reality with that wisdom. These energies will appear in your Akashic Reading. This is something I've been able to see in friends for years, and must be imbedded in my soul history. You have another colour for balance and healing, which may be opposite on the colour wheel to your soul colour, but is unique to you. You can help to activate your mission or healing through eating foods, wearing clothes or decorating your home with those colours.
Brown is connecting and respecting the earth, and it gives rise to the fullness of birth. Connecting as a human, elemental or animal in the natural environment. This is a mission of taking part in the flow of energies, changes and ecosystems or being an earth champion. Examples include eco warrior, gardening, making natural or organic products, healing or protecting animals or nature. Foot chakra.
RED : 
Red is for zeal that makes you feel real. Bringer of creativity, passion, energy, stability, comfort, safety, and action to the world. Root chakra.
Orange is for "why not?" and a good hot taste; it always helps others quicken their pace. Bringer of communication, creativity, fun, laughter, and joy.  Sacral chakra. 
Yellow is forgiveness and brilliance and play. Bringer of joy, calm, clarity, acceptance, warmth, connection, and energy. Solar plexus. 
Green is the fullness and richness of each way; it teaches us how to live day by day. Bringer of growth, balance, teaching, healing, and nature. Heart chakra 
Turquoise is fulfilling and instilling memories and cheer; for it brings cohesion and harmony here. Bringer of communication, healing, nature, perseverance, and peace.  Heart and throat chakras
Blue is for twilight and deepness and grace. Bringer of communication, flow, calmness, clarity, spiritual healing, insight, and water energy. Throat chakra.
Grape is for gladness, and all that wisdom and place. Spiritual action and showing the world this level of understanding. Also the power of creative forces. Crown chakra. 
Pink is for brilliance and silliness and childish of face. Youth, gentleness, unconditional love, healing, and inner child. Truly wearing their heart on their sleeve. Upper heart chakra.
Gold is for angels and all they can feel; it sparkles the heart centre and tickles your wheel. Upper crown chakra and angelic principles of divine love, forgiveness and compassion. Showing the world this level of understanding and sparkle. It is often joined with another colour. 
Silver it sparkles with joy and delight; it's there to bring clarity to each passing light. It's often joined with another colour. Upper crown chakra.
Grey is for silence and guidance and chaste. It brings a male energy of neutrality and stability, and is often joined with other colours..
Rainbow is watching and hoping to steal, the pot of gold and how fab you can feel. This tends to mean experiencing the full spectrum that life has to offer. I'm sure this can be applied to the whole spectrum of chakras and a lifetime of deep learning. It's a wild ride, and I find this in souls that don't experience life in the third density often, or are from other universes.

Examples of wisdom in your Soul Signature or Mission

Hermes energy: Power, warrior, gleaning, loyalty, structure, passenger of light, empress energy, sender of gifts, teller of truth, breeze, courage, sending forth the light, wisdom of astronomy, the portal that can be very strong.
Bear : Healthy boundaries, strength, protection
Butterfly : The power of transition and change
Fox :
- Physical or mental responsiveness and awareness
- Cunning; seeing through deception; discerning
- Affinity with nocturnal activities and dream work
Horse : 
- Inner strength, stamina, driving force in life
- All paths have equal validity
- The freedom to run around and choose
Lion : Strength, assertiveness, personal power and confidence to just be you
Lynx : Dream intuition, vigilance and ability to see through others.
- Sanctuary, holistic space 
- Heart: “our feelings matter, ” thankfulness
- Opposites, balance, equilibrium
- Discretion, scrutiny, flexibility
- Subtle strength, resolve, determination
- Earth element eg. plants
Cat : Astute, secretive, intuitive, selective, independent
Cheetah : Swift, elusive, brotherhood, quick focus  

Fruit Energy and wisdom examples

Lemon : Crisp and clean, clarity, soothing, cleansing, holding space amidst a portal (also angelic), sharing strength, wisdom
Raspberry : Silence, joy, healing, space, passion
Tangerine : Fight, knowledge, truth, radiance of energy
Peach : Amber, rose (self love, healing , compassion, divine feminine), growth and change, warmth, understanding, joy, healing gifts, transformation + warmth ('turning and burning')
Strawberry : Warming, thoughtful, splendidness, tenderness, peaceful, joy on a rainy day, sunny side of life, cute and sweet natured, tasteful, positive, guiding light. Heart shaped energy = delight, love and light.
Blueberry : Healing, fortitude, plentiful, sharing knowledge, delight, seeker of wisdom and truth


1) Creation and Expansion
This is creative expression, artists, teachers and engineers of all realms, expanding the universe.
- Elven Creative Expansionist of Praesepe
- The Engineer of Life and Soul in Mintaka (dragon)
The Forest Singer: Pearl of Sirius (an elemental)
- The Keeper of Codes in Sirius (dragon)
- The Story Book Expander of Capella (panther-human)
- The Flow State Clothing Designer of Sirius
- Redefining Consciousness: a higher/future Self aspect (leonine being)
- Science Teacher in Antares (feline-human)

2) Shadow Work and Transformation
All about triggers to redefine you and break free from illusion, the darkest parts of us that force change for growth. This is the water element that delves deep into emotions, but also fire that transmutes existing systems.
- A Soul Signature Reading of Orion Angel and Polaris Council
- An Angelic Reporting back to Source: (Orion Nebula)

3) Repair and Care
These are the healers, helpers and caregivers for times in our life when we need it.
- Wellness Expert of Sirius
- The Bridled Bear of Capella
- The Doctor of Capella
- The Tree Helper of Capella (elemental lifetime)
- Avian Scout of Cassiopeia 

4) Freedom and Truth
This is helping to see the light, protection and realising your dreams. So far, I've discovered that Angels, lion, gryphon and wolf energy beings are great at this type of empowerment. 
- Felines and Wolves (Energy Beings page)
- The Dream Walker of Andromeda (Gryphon)
- Andromeda Constellation Avian Being

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