Air Buster in Alpha Caeli

I asked my guides to tell me what's in alpha Caeli. This is what I got! If the creator of Pokemon hasn't had a lifetime here I don't know what! They said that there wasn't much to do these days lol. Just look for hail storms. Again it's another type of elemental - energy being. It looked like a deer and a horse mixed together with wings. It showed me a golden network of energy like I drew in the background and on the wings.

About Alpha Caeli

I asked about the star system in general and yes there are humans, all the physical joy but also polarity, racism, and captivity - the usual human stuff- you know! There are wise sages of course and they showed me thin fingers like the humans on Sirius. There were four planets but now there are three that are used. There is also technology and computers. There are green aquafarians and avian beings, quantum jumping like in Cassiopeia. I was shown a super matt black car and will presume this is relating to dark matter energy. It carries the fire energy of creation and destruction, and is fast paced. This is to ensure deeper learning and plentiful lessons through change. There is mutual respect, balance, stability, and strong will. There are angelics to help create a larger overview and  help manage the planets and systems. There are many fantasy beings like the serpent woman, so it really is Pokemon territory! There are equine, mammals, rodents, canines, and birds, as well as mountainous races. I suppose most every star has the same mix of beings.

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