Starseed Origin Readings

Are you A Star Seed and What is a Soul Origin?

We are all one, but galactic heritage helps you find your strengths again 

Your soul origin starts when you split from god source to have an individual experience. Your origin can be your current energy signature, but older souls can move on to another energy. Energy signatures can be likened to a country's personality, skills and feelings. Every life time is part of expansion and growth~

It's empowering to understand yourself better*~ I work with the Archangels, guides, masters and teachers in the Akashic Records. My galactic heritage from past lives helps me remember how to use the Akashic records, as well as my art and healing.*~

All birth data provided by the client is solely for the use of the Akashic reading or birth chart, and is never shared, ever.

Example of A Soul Origin and Signature reading

The Dream Walker of Andromeda Galaxy

Here's is a summary of your soul signature. It was a very immense feeling to tune into! Reading the poetry helps to activate light codes. You are an old soul millions of years old. You started out in the Angelic soul mission in the Andromeda Galaxy, and more recently, you have favoured the lion energy being soul group, combining strengths and missions. These both have a feel of holding space, and fulfilling dreams by shedding light on them, a Dream Walker. Other energies include white, violet, gold, blue, fire, crystalline, camel and crocodile wisdom. (This can differ from your soul mission colour in this lifetime, which is a separate reading)

A white pyramid of light
A flight of stairs
Beautiful crystal
In the clouds we all become one
Crystal guardian 
Throat chakra, blue light
The wind carries the forces of light
Andromeda Galaxy 
Waves of crystalline forms
Bringing light to display
Rise and shine to the day
Winged beings 
That's the trick in the book
Light and sky 
Millions of years old
Angelic form 
Shape and form, shifting and turning to release stuck energy 
Give power to light 
Gives rise to order through shape and form 
Clouds and trees, softness of breeze (just running with it) 
The understanding is there, without a care 
Interpreting dreams and family themes 
And begin again 
Freshness from the darkness
It matters not, grey cloud, blue sky, then the shining sun brings it around full circle 
Musical themes are part of the dreams 
They bring light in a positive way
They lighten the drama 

Animal Energies

CamelGolden light, lessens the fright Behind the scenes, fulfilling our dreams. In winter and frost, when we felt lost 

CrocodileFiery light, fiery feel, witness the deal. Make it turn, allowing it to burn Shine bright as the day, never sway

From truth and turn, the energy burns
Start a new page, crystal gaze 
Pages will turn, energy burns
Change is afoot, knowledge is truth 
Powerful being, all knowing all seeing 
The lion form, is part of your dorm The weave and the way, shines bright every day
It's a great way to see, it allows us to be
We see it alight, shines bright every night 
Through thick and through thin, it gets under our skin 
What a wonderful feel, the strength is of steel
This is ok, it's part of the way 
The passion is real, a lion heart is the deal 
We brave it all out, and listen and shout 
The bright shining day, is still far away 
We glisten and glean, and work within dreams 
What a powerful voice, we allow people choice 
Grr and purr, give light to despair
Watch the light expand, step into the light, this is something so grand 
These are beautiful things, you're a beautiful being 
Shine bright every day, "You are something" we say! Bring light to the day
You always do best, and you light up the rest 
The travels, the dreams, you know what it means 
A dream walker so tall, Enlarging the small
Making dreams real, is part of your deal 
Enlarging the light, to see what is right
Enlarging the light, minimises the fight 
Keeping it real, is part of your deal
Keeping love alight, is another form of flight
A listening ear, is warm and brings cheer 
There's some violet light, that brings us to right 
A positive being, all thinking and seeing, focused on dreams 
Taking it slow, with glitter and glow.

Examples of other aspects that can be included in a soul signature

Lemon Yellow: crisp and clean, clarity, soothing, cleansing holding space amidst a portal (also angelic) sharing strength, wisdom

Raspberry energy: silence, joy, healing, space, passion

Tangerine wisdom: fight, knowledge, truth, radiance of energy

Cloud formations: intelligence

Mint green: fresh growth, clean, clear

Red/orange: action, communication 

Angelic energy: Holding space, compassion, portals

Elementals, dwarves, and dragons

Owl energy: deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge, harness the strength needed to open your eyes and look into the shadows. According to, "Most folks with this spirit animal totem will be clairaudient"

Seal energy: highly imaginative and creative, play and innocence

Feline energy: sensual, curious, mysterious, and magical, timing in action and courage to explore the unknown.

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