Spica Star System

Summary for my lifetime in Spica
-Lion energy being as a slayer of illusion to help eliminate karma over the timelines. This is like Metatron energy with multidimensional layers. 
- using crystal energy for strength and clarity
- colours for this mission are White for clarity, positivity and calmness. Red is used for action, fire, and freedom. Gold is like a warm hug

As you can imagine this is is still a part of you
Yes you're intense and you don't sit on the fence 
This is something so real and it's part of your deal 
This is such a delight and part of your fight 
Tension and storms are part of your home 
You see wicked ways and remove them each day 
You're a fierce energy being all knowing and seeing 
Your soul rages on when the tension is strong 
You are strong in your fight knowing wrong vs right 
You remove people's cages and their fists of rages 
Temples of strife is part of your life 
You are strong in your views and you don't like being used
You're a doll in the day and you feel things in greatness 
You let systems roll and you go with the flow 
You're working in Gold and it never feels cold 
It's a conglomeration as part of your station 
You see and you tell and it works out so swell 
Which timeframe your on is like Metatron 
These are glorious cages that work through the ages 

So what are we saying? what are we're allaying here? 
You see all the damage and it looks like a sandwich 
They come through in layers and always need slaying 
When our systems are down we rely on this town 
When all beauty is lost we rely on these costs 
When our memories reveal we have more things to cheer
It's that clarity you see so we need to feel freedom
So an Ode To The Past is what helps us move fast 
We can see things in stages and it helps remove cages 
We can dole out each day in a new and free way 
We can replace all that fear that remained through the years 
We can't just sit and stare we can only help there 
This is like Metatron and we help them move on
If you're feeling decay this can help with your day 
If you need a release we can help you feel pleased 
Where there was once lack a vision we can help with decisions 
We will turn day from night and it's part of our rights 
There's no prisoners here there is only good cheer
We wish things the best and forget all the rest 
This red is for tension and for freeing suspension 
This red is for days and to see things this way
This red is for fire and the flames burn much higher 
This red is for guarding and for swords and restarting
This white is for day and to see things this way 
How we do this is cheer and we replace all the fear 
White is also for crystal and it holds such resistance 
White also has charm and there's never alarm 
It doesn't clutter the mind and is there time after time
So is it like stripey candy? Is it ever so Dandy! 
Well it's something to revere and remains through the years 
We are not here to hurt you but you must learn the truth dear 
You must feel out your fears that remain through the years
You must try to destroy it and feel a new joy here
Fear's a clickety clack that sticks to your back 
It's a nauseating sound that makes you feel hounded 
We tell you the truth so there's no need for sleuth
Yes you can hold your arms up and say I did this my way 
You can stand up and cheer and remove all your fears 
You can strip it to pieces and that helps to defeat this
So you see there's no way to collide in this play 
This is tension and fear that resides through the years 
Fear's a nasty sort of way that eats at your day 
But you know when it's gone you can easily move on 

So what else can you do? Is it still part of you? 
We see beauty and truth and it's part of our youth
When we fight fire with fire it removes all the liars 
All of this is illusion and just a sort of intrusion 
We can feel things each day and it helps pave the way 
Sort the wheat from the chaff and remember to laugh 
When all's said and done we've remembered the fun 
Just remember to see things in the glory of Seasons 
Just remember the say things within each passing day dear 
Just remember the lost are just part of the cost 
Just remember that tension is part of suspension 
Just remember delay helps to see things this way 
When all's said and done just remember the sun
The sun provides all the truth and fulfils our youth 
These are busy old days when we run and we play 
We get straight to the truth and it guides us to youth
You can stand there and say it and it's part of your day here 
We don't see things the same and it's part of the game 
Just remember to stand tall and you'll never feel small 
I think we're done here my dear we wish you well and good cheer 
We all know the Lions game and they all see things the same here. 

© Copyright Cosmic Panther Starseed Origin Readings