Strong Souls in Antares: A Science TEACHER

My lifetime in the Antares system. as a male feline human hybrid working at ground level. I didn't have long, black curly hair like the other tiger beings I have seen in readings ~ darn it! Maybe I chopped it off or I was the equivalent of folically challenged lol. There was basic food and accommodation with poor living standards. My learning was: to love myself, see myself in others, help others; and that losing something is an opportunity to appreciate it. My mission colour was orange for communication and creation, plus owl energy for wisdom. Antares was a war torn system and this was no exception. All the trappings about race and religion. Who knew huh ? We are not alone in this polarity game! It's in the past and not for the faint hearted. I was told only the strong souls go there to live fast and die young in a breath -sounds like a movie title! So anyway I was learning and teaching science and chemistry. It was a form of exploration, expression, expansion and transformation in depth and detail. This was a time of great change. It really makes you appreciate the good things though. I was told "It's only part of the universal growth cycle."

more stories to unfold...

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