Polaris, our North Star

My guides tell me that Polaris is a place of polarity. There are energy beings as well as Angelic realms residing within this star. I asked my guides about this star system in general. There are humans, mastodons, brown eagles, foxes, owls, tigers, and dolphins in the third density. Life here is newer and younger than Earth so I guess they were experiencing polarity with shifts and changes. Polaris the palaver! But it goes with the place. The future will ignore us. Children separated from parents were experiencing separation anxiety. There was religion, public disarray, and peace keeping troops there. Democracy is how they will learn. My guides said "See how it's healing to go back and observe your past life? They do too." 
More readings to come...

The antisocial Regulator of Polaris

When I asked my guides what I looked like, I heard the song by Level 42 with the lyrics "The truth is hard to take" lol. I'm getting used to all the forms of being now, We just need the rest of the world to follow suit.

This little guy is the size of a hand, and looked like a piglet with wooly dreadlocks and delicate wings. What a tired little soul, keeping track of all the other creatures. I could hear him shouting "Where did they get the biscuits"!, "What a palaver! "One thing at a time please." All beings were affected by the unbalanced human energies. Work involved chaos conversion, habitat control, and the four elements. The mission was brown for being one with nature and orange for communication and creativity. I needed to use intuition in all aspects of my life, and accept that everything happens in divine order. I sent healing to that aspect of my soul. A job well done in a stressful time. It really makes you think before swatting a small flying creature doesn't it? That could be an ancestor lol.

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