Energy Beings

Energy beings exist as fifth to twelfth density, depending on your definition. I've added 5th density as they can change form. They range from the elementals to the angelic realms. The fifth density existed on Earth, as in the Lemuria story below. Energy beings exist all over the universe, within the cosmos, inside and over top of terrain and nature. Another example is the lion energy beings which are quite prominent in this universe in places like Cassiopeia, Spica, Lyra, and Regulus to name a few. There are also the winged lions of Eremor, situated near Procyon. 


The Space-time Continuum Keeper Alithir of Lemuria

Gliding, sliding, floating on the water.
The sheen of the sea is like a spirit guide, and I sense and feel the truth.
I am awake in fifth density, Alithir, Lemuria (Mu).
We are young at heart.
We come from the mountains and shores ~ rain and snow.
We let it flow, there is rhythm in our movement, like the leaves of the trees in the breeze. 
We are good at manoeuvring and communicating.
Feel the joy ~ be free. 
We cannot cause a ripple in the space-time continuum.
We must keep the pace, monitor activities and keep the pace.
Scanning the surface, some are underground. 
The discs are cleaning machines that move like Saturn's rings.
Discs are good for inside the Earth.
You can't cheer up everyone.
Loving, gentleness, kindness, romance.
The grass vibrates.
Wizards, bearded giants lying down. It can get cold.
We accept all races with welcome arms. There are three races here but six or seven of the visiting races. Aquafarians (aquatic beings) and dark and fair haired humans. There are healing schools, institutions and trade between others. Structures, temples, stargates, alligator people, shark people, meetings and commerce.
Warm and mild temperatures, pearl of Sirius, beautiful music.
Crystal work, structures that feel good for a divine body, anything can happen... clinics for health and light healing.
~* Truth, power, light, divine feminine to all *~

The Sun Keeper

Sat in the today as I regularly have sun healing that way. Yes it's a real thing, but it may be more accessible to souls that have a strong fire element in their soul origins and DNA. Maybe it's like how water zodiac signs feel better in the water? I asked if a sun being could tell me how to draw them and was shown these features. They were very clear about me adding sunspots and curly flowing energy. This is what they said ?... The sun is soothing, warming, glowing, mellow, yellowy, orangey, rebuilding, portal, gives rise to rainbows, merging, transforming, powers the megaliths, earth grids and temples, awakens kundalini dragons, links the earth to the sky, provides food, clothing and shelter, a creative force for change in the seasons and our reasons, a rose in thorns, brings good humour and cheer. I added a hood as they wanted me to represent wisdom. Wow, big appreciation for the sunny fiery signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius aspects in your astrological alignments ??? 

ANgelic of Source: soul origin and signature reading

Your soul originated in the 12th density angelic realms of Orion nebula. This energy facilitates automated movement, order, and capability. Also to not fear or own, and to help others play. Cherubim and Seraphim that dance and sing. A back and forth rhythm, movement, speed, and manoeuvrability. Tokens of appreciation and knowing your worth. A place of life skills and releasing the old.
Your Polaris aspect... Polaris is a royal star, which also houses angelic realms, but you spent formative years and favour the Polaris Council of light in 8-9th density. This about energy, raising vibration, shifting, movement, polarity, education, awareness and release. You get into the nitty gritty of shadow with illusions, the old self, and how time is a thief. You have created a true soul signature, a true path, no bull, lol. You help to release the old religions and ways. Preparation for new skills and adventures, and clarity of structure is on the horizon.

Winged Lion of Eremor

I asked my lion guide to tell me more about who they were and how they looked. . .
This is the thread of light at the table. We will finish when the time is right. Golden eyes, golden wings, golden ring of Eremor. It sparks truth and destiny and oneness all over the lands. Wisdom and orange for energy, courage, less blindness, sadness, ignorance and arrogance. That which destroys ourselves. Yes we have fluffy tails. We can blow all this away with one swipe. I will guide you with intelligent ways of being and thinking.
Any circumstances of poorness, unfairness, and solitude will fall away, please let forgiveness show you the way.
Can we start again? Of course we can, trust in the process, it's all in the plan.
We will encourage you and show you all of the light, forget all the blindness, just follow what's right.
I'm telling this story, we'll show you the way, making it happen will solve your dismay.
Calmness and solace can help with the pain; and you can be healthy and stealthy again.
These are the numbers which help to destroy; suffering and sadness that returns to joy.
This is your guidance, your help and your way; and so we can help you get on with each day.
How we will do it remains to be seen; we can keep you hearty, happy and keen.
Don't suffer in silence; we're here 'til the end; let's do this together, you and I are true friends.
I've known you in kingdoms, in palaces with saints; we've been t'other's making and the work's never faint.
Keep going my showman, my artist, my dear; you have what it takes to last through the years.
Please feel our bond-ness and fondness and cheer; we'll speak and be together into the next tier.
I love you like all wisdom, and stars in the sky; we are such good, true soul mates and we really can fly.
Adios my winged - tailed feline, I bid you good flights.
Aww that was very touching wasn't it? I feel so loved * ~

Watcher Wolf of Praesepe

More about the Praesepe star system

This is a notable lifetime, but aren't they all! An elemental energy being from 5-6th density. I was given the Bob Marley words... "Would you be, could you be loved...." so that must be the energy for this mission. The song continues...: "Love would never leave us alone, Ay, in the darkness there must come out to light." It's also possible that Bob had a lifetime like this.
Here's the story...
Speak private. It's information. Things are falling apart. We need to know the truth.
These wings of feathers are light as a breeze; do gliding and diving right through the trees.
Our tails are like liquid brass; just in case we need to kick @$$. (lol say what?!)
Male warrior watching and waiting at night; magical, mystical, getting it right.
The weather is strong, we fly in the night; we seek and destroy sadness with our tails in flight; that's how we kiss each other goodnight.
So here it is, we bark at the moon; we need to do justice to its power and swoon. 
It takes all the courage and strength to get right; It's not for the weary or faint or delight.
We take it to honour, it's there in our tracks; a powerful thing, to get there and back.
These ribbons of thunder, are pleasure and joy; they speak to us all as we trust how it goes.
I have a good talent, it's mighty and bright; to keep all the wisdom and tales of the night.
So here is my witness of wisdom and light; it's all in the power of lore in the night.
We keep all the secrets of wisdom so near; no one can see us, we retain it all year.
This shakes up and breaks up the town's little fears; and pearls of wisdom are then what it yields.
Our name is the slayer of what's not right; we can protect you and guide you at home and all night.
Thank you for letting us tell this tale; your help is much noticed; and is without fail. 
We bid you farewell and shining so bright; so that you'll never, ever fear of the night. *~

The Fight Cat from Source

- Your soul choose to have its first life as an individual being, was an energy being in the Orion nebula.  This is god source, where all souls come from and go off to be individuals, but it's also the home of the creators, angels, guides and masters. 
- You created your own unique form as a feline energy being, as a tiger with a lion's mane, like no other!
- Your first mission as this being was creating and helping dreams come true, and turning fear into light. You turned illusion to truth and awakened others. It's a sort of dream walker.
- Your soul has red energy for creation, action and power.
- The energy you used was a rainbow wisdom and diamond light, connecting across all space and time.
- You used sacred geometry and healing light codes 

Your light code reading
Forces of light that Shine so bright 
turning the wheel to seal the deal 
Wisdom and strength is there to take 
Flexible means to visit dreams 
How we use it is how we prove it 
Runners collide that's how we tried 
powerful means to seal the seams
Energy being a powerful dream 
collide into space give rise to chase 

Swoop and sail you never fail 
No illusions here what's right and what's real 
Fire is your power each day and each hour 
Rhythm and Grace is all of your face 
Powerful dreams the ways and means 
Stand tall and straight to make others great 
Help others to fly and give it a try 
These are great shakes help others awake 
A soul is aglow when they see what they know
Help them awaken send shivers and shake them 
Waking them up is the best kind of luck 
Thoughts into space is like winning the race
Numbers and sums is part of the fun 
Math isn't easy but in dreams it's so breezy 
Follow the sums in the light just for fun
The light of the force is arrived on a horse 

Follow the wheel a kaleidoscope feel 
How sacred is space what a beautiful place
sacred journey and wheels geometric in feel 
gliding in space is the essence of Grace
in time and in space we remember our face 
the wisdom we steal is part of the deal 
the healing light codes are part of your abode 
how deep and how true to be one of you !
the feeling is immense to be guided like this
you're a spectrum of light so full and so bright 
the wisdom you feel is so strong and so real 
it's a rainbow of light that shines so bright 
you fall into space because that is your place 
what a beautiful feel to see things so real 
there's a minute to tell why you chose this so well 

Happiness, light that shines so bright 
weaving through and in space never falling from grace 
what a powerful being all knowing all seeing 
you can't tear it apart it's a beautiful art 
making visions come true is the best part of you 
with each passing day your belief in these ways 

Your shape and your form is part of your dorm 
you wiggle and glide and you're never to hide 
you are sprightly and free and it fills you with glee
there is pink within you such beauty such truth 
A sensitive being that listens to screams 
you listen and awaken those that are shaking 
these are powerful means and powerful dreams
these are people with feelings and you try to redeem them  
your powerful nature always makes them feel grateful 
you're a blessing, a guide with no reason to hide 
a powerful light that shines in the night 
turn night into day as you swoop and you sway 
what a wonderful dream and a wonderful thing 
you squeeze in the day to push darkness away 
the codes and the means are what fill every seam 
you are a code breaker and a maker and taker 
you take visions of light that shine so bright 
you make visions and dreams become the real thing
you put visions in place that fly into space 
this feeling is real and it's part of the deal 

You're a fighter and a pilot and you know how to ride it 
these dreams from afar become part of your art 
you're raising the bar in the reason is part. . .
of the way that you feel to make everything real
When we lift up the veil we can never van fail 
from illusion and fear is part of your cheer 
you turn space into light and remove all the fright 
what else could you do you only know truth 
we honour your status and how you create this 
you're a powerful flyer and you can only aim higher 
it all fits into place and you love it the race 
geometry and form is splendid and warm 
the colours alight are there in your sight 
the wings and the seams these are truths, these have means 

What else can we say you are brilliant each day
when it falls into place this is really the grace 
feline body and shape and a mission in place 
with a long curly tail that performs without fail 
you can pounce and preen your delight and make dreams 
so what else can you do? You make visions come true 
you're a tiger with stripes and a lion with might
there's a mane on your neck and your eyes do have flecks 
and they focus on dreams and the beauty of streams
These are lines of decay that are turned in to day 
it's all good and it's bright and it shines with delight
these are instruments here and they give you good cheer 
when you light up their faces you light up the place!
what a beautiful theme and a beautiful dream 
that completes how you make what creates out of space 
any rips any tears you make into repairs 
this is structure and order and you like how this holds you 
Yes the beauty and truth is what helps create youth 
changing tears to repairs is like climbing up stairs 
All The heights all the flights all the putting to rights 
there's a niche there for you and you love what you do 

So which planet you're from? well it's more like a sun
it's the truth and the light that tailor's your birth right
when you listen and search then you see how your birthed
when you follow your nose you can see where this goes 
you can see everything and become any dream 
this is part of your place and where it's in space 
do we see a constellation there is glitter and making 
the creation of things and visions and dreams 
where this is holds the truth and its stems of all youth 
you can see it in space it does not have a face 
it sparkles and beams it fulfils all our dreams
You are straight from the source and you're always on course 
we have wrote how you play and it's within you each day 

Why be different and real? this is part of your deal
you're unique and you're true, there's only one of you! 
it's a new one on me, but I see what you see!
yes it's change and delight that's part of your fight 
there's no one like this around and your beauty abounds 
what a fantastic being ! and your beauty it beams 
how much wonder and youth this is part of your truth
when the beauty awakes it collides and it shakes 
can we give it a place ? it's the place we're all made 
you have fire in your heart for creation and new starts 
so much wisdom to behold let the beauty unfold 

we have told what we've told and you've seen what to see 
we have blessed you for being all the things you have been 
you're a sheer delight and so we bid you goodnight
how amazing and true to be one of you !
we've not seen this before! you didn't want to be bored!

© Copyright Cosmic Panther Starseed Origin Readings