Galactic Astrology


Astrology is a Blunt Instrument . . . compared to an Akashic Reading . . .
Astrology will never give you the complete picture but it can activate your soul!

Cosmic alignments in your Galactic Astrology are either :
1) Facilitating today’s Mission, Lessons and Fulfilment
2) Your Galactic Lifetimes and Visiting Missions
only an Akashic reading can reveal which

I will email you:
1 page list of cosmic alignments
2-page guidance note PDF

Your guides choose which stars to relay frequencies—which aren't singled out in astrology.
Cosmic alignments can transmit fire, earth, air and water frequencies and characteristics that help form and flow for missions and lifetimes. Cosmic alignments are like a combination lock with a complex ring of codes. This Quantum entanglement becomes your reality and timeline, plugged into lines of cause and effect. A link to remember lifetimes, skills, and soul groups.

There are billions of stars and planets - my list is not exhaustive, and too huge for a chart! 
- I've included many star systems, not just popular ones
- I've also included angelic and animal influences that were lives/soul groups
- Some stars may only be star gates
- All types of beings are present in each star system, not just one race or form
- Approximate zones of origins are marked ** in popular star systems but needs Akashic readings and may not denote lifetimes
- Positive results : check marks / circled, unclear results: blank
- Parallel soul and energy being origins are hard to trace and need Akashic readings.
- Sometimes energy beings like Angels are just tapped into the matrix of divine light!
- Souls can be millions of years old and well travelled

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