Bootes Constellation and Arcturus

Arcturus is one star in the Bootes Constellation, but it has many places of existence. In fact there are around 18 different races of Arcturians, so it's hard to say what you may look like without meditating on it. They range from physical form to light beings. They are energy engineers, creatives, help souls find their way, do life reviews after death (yep those are the real pearly gates of heaven), through the Akashic records...

Here is one story... it's my origin and I must have complained a lot ~ even back then ;0

The Arcturian Energy 'All-Star'

 So this is what I wrote in the meditation. I was about to title it 'Dogs Body' just now, but I decided I must have been an All-Star!
- Fast, dynamic, growing, changing, energy work. (It must have been compared to this third density heh?) Life changing work.
- Structure, capability, math, healing numbers... (must be light codes).
- Akashic records, timelines, life changes, grids, grid work, frequency, fast changing.
- Pouring over concerns about structures and frequencies, also subtle changes.
- Headache (what- in energy form they get headaches LOL) thinking a lot.
Why did I choose this?
- Adventure, to celebrate thinking and learning.
- Exploring different planets
Mission: horse energy
- Inner strength, stamina
- driving force in life
- all paths have equal validity
- the freedom to run around and choose.
Well 30 million years later, some things don't change heh?

More to come...

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