Once Upon a Time on an island far, far Away in the Praesepe star cluster...

Welcome to her magic studio, a sacred space.
'Twas a mission of creation and communication.
Where the Kingdom Unites.
Music is used for joy and healing in the Elven kingdom of Layra; it takes as long as it takes.
Wizards, wolves, deer, fox, dragons and horses lived there.
This will awaken soul memories.
Crystal wands, dragon lore, magic and wisdom.
The High Priestess of Lockwood.
Wisdom of the Realms.
Light and shadow, regeneration, restoration
Power of giving, creation and expansion.
There was full spectrum organic wholeheartedness and teaching.
A true Eternal Light spark.

The Wolf Watcher of Praesepe

This is a notable lifetime, but aren't they all! An elemental energy being from 5-6th density. I was given the Bob Marley words... "Would you be, could you be loved...." so that must be the energy for this mission. The song continues...: "Love would never leave us alone, Ay, in the darkness there must come out to light." It's also possible that Bob had a lifetime like this.
Here's the story...
Speak private. It's information. Things are falling apart. We need to know the truth.
These wings of feathers are light as a breeze; do gliding and diving right through the trees.
Our tails are like liquid brass; just in case we need to kick @$$. (lol say what?!)
Male warrior watching and waiting at night; magical, mystical, getting it right.
The weather is strong, we fly in the night; we seek and destroy sadness with our tails in flight; that's how we kiss each other goodnight.
So here it is, we bark at the moon; we need to do justice to its power and swoon. 
It takes all the courage and strength to get right; It's not for the weary or faint or delight.
We take it to honour, it's there in our tracks; a powerful thing, to get there and back.
These ribbons of thunder, are pleasure and joy; they speak to us all as we trust how it goes.
I have a good talent, it's mighty and bright; to keep all the wisdom and tales of the night.
So here is my witness of wisdom and light; it's all in the power of lore in the night.
We keep all the secrets of wisdom so near; no one can see us, we retain it all year.
This shakes up and breaks up the town's little fears; and pearls of wisdom are then what it yields.
Our name is the slayer of what's not right; we can protect you and guide you at home and all night.
Thank you for letting us tell this tale; your help is much noticed; and is without fail. 
We bid you farewell and shining so bright; so that you'll never, ever fear of the night. *~

Copyright Mystic Panther Starseed Readings