Past Life Readings

Often your guides will provide a past life that activates a skill for you to use today - or - a karmic trauma to be released, or both!

Past life, Notable Lifetime Akashic reading on Earth in the time of Rasputin

Summary :
- You were a peacemaker and storyteller in Siberia in the time of Rasputin (c.1900) and during Christendom
- Your soul mission was orange for creativity and communication 

Your Light Code Reading
A time of great change 
A time of frost and snow 
A time of sharing stories 
A time of plain delights 
These are the things that get you through the night 
This was great, this was fine, your subtle strengths were divine 
You were great and you'd share all the wisdom that was there 
Taking us to a place and time, a subtle creature so divine 
All the valleys and the hills we'd see, each day was more fulfilled Storyteller and teacher is how you would reach us 
With every lock of gold- brown hair you would help us shake off our despair
And so we tell you how it was made, every sadness turned to flame 
We'd get it, we buy it, and tell those to try it 
"Legend has it," the tools to smash it, turning darkness into day
You followed the Christ, which was so nice 
Those blinkered by sadness, returned to gladness 
You used white light, which felt just right 
The tension and fear were to disappear 
The wheels of wisdom turning around, what people imagined turned upside down 
Oh brave and mighty knight, a light shining through the nights
This is a story of a kingdom, a story of might, a story of wisdom and tales to delight

So where is the glory, where did you stay?
A steady mind was enough for pay
Take me to the reader, take me for a song, the tales and rhythm would help them get along 
What a beautiful mind, your words were so kind
Your words were a bosom to help people play 
And shaped all the kingdom each and every day 

So there was no Sheriff? Why didn't they come?
Folks liked to listen when the work day was done 
For a sum and a song you'd make it along 
To tell of those sites each and every night 
This tension and fear was replaced with good cheer 
Never a scout was needed, no doubts to rest in their head was good for their beds
To feel safe at night was all of their fight
It was a time of Rasputin and Christendom and you had so much fun 
Siberian troubles would become undone
This turn-of-the-century was less wisdom more woe, but you managed to change that from the get go 
So no replacements were needed here, you always managed to fill them with cheer 
You were always a delight that turned away fright 
Your blossoms and cheer wear a fine thing to revere
You never had stage fright, you were a candle light 
The bullets and the tears washed away when you were near 
Soldiers and guns made people run
Can we see how this works? You refined all the jerks!? 

The ink and the pen were a way to think again 
Such wisdom and teams that were guiding in reams
Such wisdom in pearls that helped destroy surls 
It's a subtle way to guide us each day 
A preacher of light that turned to wrongs in to right
A powerful means that held all the seams 
A Preacher and poet that guided and showed them
The beauty of the pen was helping you then 
The wisdom of a poet was warming and glowing

So what else can we say? You brought guidance each day 
It was a sight to see, and what a place full of dreams 
Tucked away in that town, staying out of the cells 
There was joy, there was truth, all in front of you
You were little in numbers, and you had a good slumber
You were tucked away, far enough not to play 
In the wars and games, that caused all the slaying 
There was beauty and passion, and plenty of fashion 
If you planned it and saw it, you had never forgot it
All the beautiful places and looks on their faces 
Such rides of delight, and turning of insights
You turned all the wheels through, the wisdom revealed 
The parables and truths were all that you proved 
That wisdom was taken, and collided and shaken

So were you a man? It was fair and was planned
Even though you had might, you had also delight 
You can see how this reason, works well and could keep them 
But with long flowing hair, you were plain, but were fair (both male and female appeal)
Such a glowing display, and shine bright every day 
What more can we say? We bid you good day 
You were fine for the lost, and they loved you at all cost.

Copyright Mystic Panther Starseed Readings