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the Akashic Records are so fascinating! 

(please note there are flashing lights in this video)

As a child I had 'odd experiences' and truly believed that I was magic!

As a young adult I wanted evidence from books and psychics but was never convinced. Many years ago, pushing through post natal depression, an Orb visited me in the most loving way ~ careful what you wish for! (video here!) I still didn't understand but soon after I received reiki, I started to study it. I also practiced Karuna reiki, Angelic and Merlin Earth healing, (past lives). It was only in more recent years that I fully woke up after having a galactic Akashic reading. I ascended very quickly and realised that I'd read the Akashic Records in past lives, so I practiced balancing my energy within my channeling. It started as 7 pages of channeled writing. This developed into light code poetry which is something to marvel at! I work as part of the Ascended Masters in 7th Heaven. 7 is light codes relayed from Source. These Angels call themselves 'Andromeda Dawn', for the dawn of a new day to help souls move along. The energy is to 'relax and feel free'. We also see a soul's numerology, colours, and many other energies.

Galactic Astrology and Akashic Readings activate your soul's heritage and skills.

We are all one, but galactic heritage helps you remember your strengths. This is so empowering, and you can understand yourself better*~ Soul missions are discovered through Akashic readings. I work with the Archangels, guides, masters and teachers in the Akashic Records. My past lives helps me remember the Akashic records, art and healing.

Your soul origin starts when you split from God Source to have an individual experience. This can be millions of years ago, but of course time doesn't actually exist. It's like going to a library and opening a book on a page; that's your lifetime now. We have 'death' experiences so that we can approach each life from one perspective and learn something new each time. Being born under astrological influences in a lifetime teaches us views, strengths and weaknesses. We also have many aspects and are multi-dimensional beings, but one aspect is here, focusing on this lifetime. There are also parallel souls who have incarnated here from another universe to experience something different. The number of planets and star systems is immense and there is a huge variety of starseeds and other galactic beings (i.e. not of Earth origin) on Earth right now to help raise it's consciousness. We are here to use our galactic skills and memories to create social, spiritual and environmental systems for a better Earth.

On top of your star seed or galactic origin, you can adopt another one or two star families if you like it there. It's like moving to another country, and taking on that country's personality, skills and feelings as your energy. You could say that it's part of expansion and growth~* There is karma and leftover lessons from other galactic lifetimes, not just from Earth.

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All birth data provided by the client is solely for the use of the Akashic reading or birth chart, and is never shared, ever.

P.S. That's me in an elemental lifetime; the full story is here. ~ I've had lifetimes ranging from rodent to angelic and everything in between! There is NO hierarchy, only mission. 

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Feedback from Akashic and Astrology Readings...

Many of these are on my Facebook Page Mystic Panther Starseed Readings 

Healing and Guidance for CF: I was skeptical at first, but the reading Chrissy did for me made so much sense, and has helped bring some clarity to me. Chrissy is thoughtful, intuitive and kind. Highly recommended for the curious! 

Soul Origin/Signature for LE: Chrissy did me a Starseed Reading and it highly resonated with me, everything that was said in it was appearing in my experience. A poem even came out and that was talking about my future hopes and dreams, so this is just filling me with joy now that it’s almost there. It feels so exciting, Chrissy even told me that I have been angel with my son too, and that really linked in to what my now 10 year old son told me some years ago, he told me exactly the same and so have other readers. So I would definitely recommend having your reading off chrissy especially if you’re searching for your ancestral lineage. Plus you’ll get that bit extra. Thank you so much chrissy I loved my reading!

Notable Lifetime for LC: Loved my reading. I felt it was very personal to me. Looking forward to exploring MysticPanther Starseed readings further.

Soul Origin/Signature for TC:: I’m in awe of my Akashic reading. I resonated so much as I’ve been on my own personal journey back to self to know what I’ve known and see it written. It was truly amazing.

Soul Origin/Signature and Astrology for NS: Thank you so much. I will read over and over and listen to your message again to try and grasp all that you have given me and feel the light codes in the poetry. Thanks so much. xx

Soul Origin/Signature and Astrology for KFWow my first lifetime sounds amazing x. I love her eyes and her facial features x I really appreciate everything, thank you so so much xx I would also love to know more about my other past lives, it will help me understand myself in this life more. 

Soul Origin/Signature for AGChrissy has a genuine affinity with all things mystical. She has for years amazed me and continues to do so with her vast and ever expanding knowledge. Her warmth, openness and enthusiasm which radiate from her ensures that she will welcome your curiosity and will gently guide you to your tribe

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