Pleiades Star System

The most commonly known stars in Pleaides system comprise Merope, Pleione, Taygete, Alcyone, Electra, Maia, Asterope, Celaeno and Atlas. As with all star systems, there is much variety of beings and races that exist. I was never born in the Pleiades, but from my Capella space vessel as a human, I had a biologist and healer mission as seen below...

I wanted to feel it, and see it, and be it (Alcyone)

Where am I going! And how did I get here! There's nothing else for it, I'll have to make cheer!
It's there in your placement, it's all there for you; look up and you'll see it, what you'll see is the truth.
The tale is upon us, and we can see clear; this stretch is a breeze now, there's nothing to fear.
What tales we have for you, you'll see it and not stress; it's nothing you've dreamed of, it's not like a mess!
Just dream and sleep on it, the lights in the sky; a dream with some visions, they'll catch you, they'll try.
You'll know what to do now, you'll catch it real clear; it's the sort of nice mission that comes rarely in years.
Not tales of destruction, not hassles or fear; but something new for you that's nicer than here.
So let all your dreams come and see what they tell; I think you are sleepy, I bid you farewell.
In dreamtime....sleeping through the long space travel...

Our nation in Alcyone cherishes the sun...
Fields of new and skies of blue; we cherish sunlight so our dreams become true; there's something to feel when we try something new.
Each loved one, each planet is partly an escape; but it's fun when you get to, feel something that's great.
So try now and think when it's coming to you; how it feels to be there and behold something new.
You'll see it, you'll feel it, it's there in plain sight; and in time you will feel all of its true delight.
You've made it your mission to try something new; the pockets of the sky, the clouds, and your shoes.
We love it, we planned it, we hold it so tight; it's part of a bubble, in dressing for a flight.
Where can we taste it, in finding a cause; we love to heal something and feel there's a pause; so please don't think that we've been dealing with loss.
We just had to find out what's there on the cape; it's special, and honest, and fills every drape.
We see it, and feel it, and shuttles are dear; but when you live on a spaceship you have to come clear.
This feeling of placement, it tickles your toes; and nothing to face but the feel of your nose.
We need it, we feel it, we turn to delight; I love it, I have it right there in my sight.
It was an adventure right there at my feet; the details of gladness when sat at my seat.
So tell me my sweetheart, did you like it, the sites? This vision is true now, I can tell of its delight.
You had plenty, you had brilliance, you had what's coming to you; for years of such sadness and feeling the blues.
This time that you spent there, it was part of a team; and nothing replaced it, it was part of your dream.
To feel it, to taste it, to sit in the sights; It's something we needed, to feel its delights.
Why tell this, why say it, why fly in the air? It's kind of a vision to feel and repair.
Let's taste it, let's say it, let's feel it, be true; we haven't been saying that you needed the flu!
You needed to feel things, you needed a break; and here's where you got it, it made you feel great.
The humans, the leopards, the turns of delight; the birds in the forest that made all those flights.
You've done it my dear now, you've made it to a new place; and when you saw to it, right there in your face; those visions of sadness were quickly replaced.
It's something to behold of, it quickens your pace; the beauty, the structure, the fullness of place.
The earthly possessions of jungle and shale; there's something here for us when we look at their names.  
We love it, we store it, we fill up our beans; we don't always see why we need to have means.
To protect all of nature, and all its delight; I want you to remember that you had the foresight.
You felt it, to taste it, and feel no despair; it's why you came down here and tickled the air.
The rain it pelts down here and fills every day; so something to feel in the breadth of dismay.
The water holds wisdom and to feel it in plain sight; gave chills, and gave thrills, and turned darkness to light.
You felt all the sadness, and gladness, and days of despair; it was part of your game now, to feel it all in real air.
Its beauty, its gladness, it's time to be free; and nothing can replace it, to see what you've seen.
Yes chilling and spilling, and buckles and shame; it's not what we planned dear, we wanted no fame.
It's not for the angels, and not for the streets; we wanted to visit and feel it's release.
We needed that something to have a true feast; and tickle our brains now and do something meek.
We did it, and lived it, and felt really true; we had a good time, and we also felt blue.
But that's how the game runs, it feels our disease; and then we seek healing, and then a release.
It tickles our sadness and gladness and madness; so we can feel whole now and find what we seek.
There's something about it, it's part of our treat; I don't know why something can feel just so sweet; but it's a feeling of fullness and being so pleased; now that I've gone there with wonders to see; its beauty, its magic, its wonders don't cease.
I can't tell you why, but it makes me feel free; I did it, I tried it and fulfilled my retreat.
I loved it, I built it, and I had all my dreams; it didn't seem peculiar to see all those things.
I had many missions and I treated disease; I was still a good doctor and I saw many things.
I planned it with reason and I felt all those beings, whom I'd listened upon and I felt in the breeze.
But don't forget I had listened to the trees; I'm sure it was something that helped me to sleep.
I was finding my feet there, I was trying to be, a good healer, and master, and teacher of things; that we never can ponder we just feel with heartbeats.
So how did I taste it, how long did I speak? I thought it was brilliant, I sought what I seeked.
I loved every minute, those teachings were short; it felt like a dream now, the visions were a sort, of feeling of gladness and sadness and sweet; and I never regretted how I felt on the street.
There's something about it, how it feels to really taste, I never recalled if I ever felt delay.
The time always passed well, and it was brilliant each way; and now I think it's time to call it a day * ~This mission was brown for earth and orange for joy

Spirit Guide Reading: Galactic Federation Ship from Pleiades

We collide and give cheers every night through the years 
If there's ever a tension we provide a suspension 
If you're wibbly or wobbly we'll find you a seat lovely
This is beauty in making when we watch you not breaking 
Like a kid in the playground we can help you to get round 
When you fight enemies we are here to the east 
When you have much decisions we are there just to listen 
We are part of your thoughts so you never feel lost 
We are there when you see us, we have so much to cheer for
How we do this is real and it helps you to feel 
We're the beast of your burden and can help if you're hurting 
If there's tension and fear then you know we are here 
Everything that you say is a part of our day
Everybody has s*** and we help you with it 
You still have that for wisdom it's a part of your Kingdom 
It's a chance for you to tell it's a part of your well 
In the depth of your reason through all time and all seasons
It's a Cherry? Delight to feel wrong then feel right 
So what else can we tell? We're a part of your cell 
We're part of your mission and even your cataclysm
It's shiny it's racy and it never escapes you 
You can go round and round from new place to new town 
You can reincarnate and each time, a new slate 
You can feel it and see it, with new faces and new beings
You just need a new reason to delight in your seasons 
So let's get to the point ? Who am I ?? Where's my joint? 
I'm a feline and a human and I like this condition 
This is perfect each way, and it brings such a change 
To feel this and feel that, and then both in both hats
It's a place to feel free and the seeing is believing 
I can stretch, I can roar and it's never a bore
I can jump I can purr I can see over there 
Every flight every tower every day every hour 
This is freedom I fancy and it makes me feel dancy
I delight in these cells ? and it makes me feel well 
So from whence do I come? Well it's far from the sun 
It is beauty and magic and at times it's been tragic 
Its beauty replaces all the looks on their faces 
The important bit is here that we help you with cheer
We are interplanetary beings and we see many things 
So what is your code and where's your abode? 
It's an energy system and it's part of your wisdom 
There are tales of delight that can help you with flight 
There are energy beings all knowing all seeing 
There is tension and fear, and delights and then cheer 
There is beauty and tension and also there's pleasure 
There is freedom in dreams and all ways and all means 
We have struggles and dreams and the costs and the seams 
And we sew them each day, and delight in their ways
So which planet we're from? Well it's not of your sun 
We're a hair's width away and still part of the play 
Entanglement makes it near, as the lines keep us dear 
The Third Rock from the Sun helps us two Become One 
How do we feel when we see it? Is this part of our system? 
We can see it in space if we Google that place 
The ship's part of The Seven and it can feel just like heaven 
These are sister's, these are planets, and although we can have it...
We are also from, the other side of the Sun
We're a Galactic Federation and that's really our station 
We delight being a host and we love that the most 
I was born on a ship and that's all there is  
The ship's octagon shaped as it's whirls and escapes 
It's a disc and a ball and it looks really small 
We can glide out of it's habit and disperse unflagged ~Yes! 
It's a comfort to be in with a navigational system 
There are sleepers and seating, and a fantastic kitchen 
But we are more psychic too so control is our truth 
We control our feelings and this helps with our ceiling 
This is 5th density living with less cataclysm 
We can download a lifetime and remember our flight time 
We can feel all your thoughts and remember your losses 
We are true friends indeed and we hold you in good stead
So when planets are taken, we collide and we shake it 
We delight in this spell and it suits us so well 
When you know and you see it then it helps you to free it 
So we feel all your reasons and we understand seasons 
And for this we relay and help you with your day 
You're an outpost you see, and you help us to free things 
We may be out in space but you're really our way 
You're our thoughts turned to action and it gives so much traction 
There's no one way that's best and each one has its tests 
It's 5th density living and we have thoughts and visions 
We can see ?‍♂️ things like you, and we love what we do 
When you don't want the movie to end that's how we pretend
You know spaceships rock but they're also a crock! 
So we support each other my dear, in other realms ? we can cheer 
We can visit each day and it helps us to play 
We are energy systems and it's part of our Wisdom 
We can glide and can play and it helps us each day 
We can share our reasons and help through each season 
Well good night and good day 
We will speak soon and play

© Copyright Cosmic Panther Starseed Origin Readings