Lyra and Vega

The constellation Lyra is one of the earliest places that creation in this universe occurred and it contain s a plethora of inhabitable planets to this day, despite earlier destructions of some. Vega's name comes from the Arabic word "waqi," which means "falling" or "swooping." "This is a reference to the time when people regarded the constellation Lyra as a swooping vulture rather than a lyre.

The Nature Pirate of Avyon

I had a mission in the Lyra star system but I wasn't born there. It was a lifetime as a human from the Capella star system, the one where I lived on a space vessel and did disease research, as a doctor and biologist of sorts. I travelled to the planet Avyon in Lyra and I was exploring ecosystem life. I was looking for the plants and animals, as a sort of piracy. It would make sense at some point. I didn't know what I was doing at the time but it all fell into place. Shifting plants to other planets ecosystems, trying to bring it all together in a lifetime. I was to make sure that all the systems were in place for the weather, climate and radiation of light (solar system). This in turn led a shift in consciousness for the planet. It was after the destruction and wars. We used solar power to transfer light fixtures to run energy off of. There were thermal sheets in the buildings. We took them back to Capella to make less suffering of the ravages of war, and to further their populations. Small animals were transported as well. Recovery was slow in some cases but brought hope. This was the little creature that I was shown and I assume it's a mammal of sorts. My lessons on that mission were that: I can't change the past and I see good in all things. xx

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