1) Does a Star Seed Origin Reading create separation if we are all one ?

This is a great question. ~*~ 
When we separated from God Source, we became individuals to explore a creative expression of individuality and duality, for the rich tapestry of life. The idea is to have as many learning experiences so that we can expand our consciousness, which expands all of creation. Akashic readings help us to realise how diverse and skilled we are, and to dissolve egoistic conditioning. These rediscovered skills help to fulfill our mission with a new confidence. It's a very empowering and enlightening experience. We also need to get used to the fact that we are also extra-dimensionals (ED's, formerly extra terrestrials), visiting Earth, as are our guides. We have taken on a huge variety of shapes and forms in many lives as ED's and there is no need to be 'galactically' racist or fearful ~ just proud ~*~ This truly is the opposite of creating separation.

2) Am I a Starseed? What are the other types of souls?

Although we are all one, you may have started out in the 3rd density ~ or in the angelic realms, and it doesn't matter, as we learn and give in all of the realms. If you feel that your thoughts, feelings and actions are of a wider scale than the third density, and that your purpose is very different to the norm, then you're awake. Not all starseeds have chosen to awaken now or in this life. Some souls initially experience life in planets of other star systems, then they come to Earth during important epochs like Ancient Egypt and now! ~*~
There are different types of soul origins:
- Earth Seeds have their soul origin on Earth and can be old souls that have traversed other parts of the universe.
- Starseeds originate from many parts of the universe.
- Ultra-dimensionals can be large souls, old souls, or parallel souls from other dimensions. They are often energy beings in other lives, walk-ins, and angelic souls. They may normally have a high vibrational frequency, but can have a lifetime in any frequency, They can feel a bit 'squeaky' in a third density body lol. Many of these can originate from a local planet, which may or may not show up easily in astrology, but an Akashic reading or meditation will help for the full story.

3) Which types of Starseeds are There?

There are billions of star systems out there, and you may not originally be from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Lyra, Orion or Andromeda! Chances are you will have had numerous lifetimes in them all and they feel familiar. These may be nearby, but there are so many beings from all over that have to help Earth. Examples include, Orion Nebula, Galactic Centre, Antares felines, Cassiopeia avians and lions, primordial dragons, and serpents, and winged lions of Eremor. What a big party for us to all come to Earth huh? ~* But remember, we have probably lived in all those places too.

4) Am I Always a Human?

The short answer is no. Let's just say that I've been a rodent, a bear, and some other mammal that looks like a dog mixed with racoon! I have also worked in the angelic realms, been an avian and feline being, in all of the densities. There are many human hybrid races at various stages of evolution, which again makes up the rich tapestry of life and experiences. We are also many energy forms that can appear as human, animal or elemental for example. It's all about the learning ~ and being of service in any realm.

5) How old are souls?

Souls can be millions or even billions of years old, and possibly from an older universe! If this doesn't make you feel young in this body, I don't know what does ; )

6) What is a Soul origin / Signature? 

We have been all over the universe in many lifetimes, but our formative years lie in our origin, that can make up our soul's energy signature.

Here is an example of a soul origin Akashic reading, but your guides often decide on a single subject...and often poetry with light codes appear! *~ 

Your guides tell me that you started out in the Arcturus star system as a light being, and you also spent a lot of formative years in the Antares star system as a feline being. You are a strong, wise soul. You also have a slightly angelic presence as you have held space for others in a compassionate manner.

You have had many experiences in so many life forms.
Much of your experience is in health, art, childcare, entertainment, comedy, and empowerment. You have also worked as a Community Peace Officer.

Your violet energy in the crown chakra brings transcendence and peace to others through spiritual transformation and learning. Your soul has strong spiritual knowledge and is able to be in the zone, as in meditation.

Power animal energy in your signature includes:
- Inner strength, stamina, driving force in life
- all paths have equal validity
- the freedom to run around and choose
- keeping your sanctuary as a holistic spiritual, physical place.
- Heart: “Your feelings matter, ” thankfulness
- Opposites, balance, equilibrium, discretion, Scrutiny
- Subtle strength, resolve, determination, flexibility
- Global-Mindedness, earth element eg. plants
- Strength, assertiveness, personal power
- Confidence to just be you
- Physical or mental responsiveness and awareness
- Cunning; seeing through deception; discerning
- Affinity with nocturnal activities and dream work

Your fire energy is a force for change, with orange and red energies. Orange is communication and creativity. Red is a creative energy in the base chakra that brings empowerment, safety and strength.
You're not faint heated.
You have worked in the Akashic records as an Arcturian and enjoyed it. Just enjoying without worrying about struggles. There is more to come. We are all one but galactic heritage helps you find your strength again. Most people won't understand these strengths but in the future they will.
We enjoyed connecting with you and salute all the work you have done.

Which Reading?

If you are just wondering what it's all about, perhaps just get an Akashic reading and your own guides can show you the way.
Some examples:
- Soul Origin /signature
- A Notable Lifetime 
- Guidance and Healing from your guides
- A Higher Self (future aspect of your self)