The angelic realms

The term Angelic holds many meanings in the Akashic Records. It can be a specific type of energy being but it is mostly about the energy system of being of service through holding space, compassion, healing,  truth, wisdom and freedom. They can also work at frequency level to do energy grid work. There are many galactic origins for the Angelic realms. Some are enveloping Earth, Galactic Centre, the royal stars, Orion Nebula, plus Andromeda Galaxy to name but a few. Many are simply tapped into the universal matrix and can travel across space and time, rather than originating from a star system.  . 

The Animal Angel

This was a soul signature and origin for someone devoted to healing, protecting and communicating with the domestic and wildanimals that support us humans, and wildlife that are part of nature. They were based in the Galactic Centre. A wonderful caring mission for the animal beings that we may call angels themselves. Animal angels work with the rainbow bridge, which is the portal to the spirit world that animals can travel freely to visit their loved owners. They also have a talent for animal communication even if they haven't fully realised it yet!

Winged Lions of Eremor as a Gatekeeper: a Spirit Guide Akashic Reading

It's the way you move 
The way you do things
We are protection 
We are boundaries 
We are encouragement 
We are acceptance 
Anything is possible 
Energy is fast and all-encompassing
It doesn't have words 
It covers vast distances 

This planet is ... free hugs, healing and thriving, flowing and expanding ...
Guiding, lion protection against decisions that are harmful 
We are giving and generous
We help you lift yourself back up then you come full circle again 

We are a support network 
We are portal keepers 
We have our own gates and Akashic halls that are unique to us 
We live in those domains 
Those places have no judgement 
We are shields
We are ushers
We are guardians on an Angelic mission with feline energy

Andromeda Galaxy's Mission Realm

This is a notable lifetime in the angelic realms. These realms are the energy of creation, songs, music, guidance,  grace and holding space. They are the winged humans that you see in paintings, large energy beings originating from the Avians in the higher vibrational frequency. It made me wonder if the Sun being I connected with was here as well in another life. They told me that Earth life was like boot camp and they offer unconditional love for those struggling in this third density. They are healers as well. They work everywhere ~ all over the place! I guess the word omnipresent fits. They work with other high councils such as those in Polaris and Cassiopeia. I was shown an owl for wisdom. 'The clouds say it all.' They shape the clouds to show us truths and confirm our notions. I asked ~ when in third density what skills do you use? They are not keen on Earth's battles and hustle. I asked if they did 'walk-in' work, and yes it is the same as holding space, like a big hug from your guardian angel. Individualism adds definition to our life and is a form of creative expression. This lifetime involved 'blueprint design.' This form of energy creation is to bring beauty and aesthetics to planets. The mission colour was orange, meaning creation and communication. The triangle represents multi-dimensional aspects, me, myself and I, past, present and future (similar to the lion being creator in Capella)

about Orion Nebula

I asked my guides about the happenings in Orion Nebula. There are guides, masters and angels. Those praying hands are made for creating! Cool job! The types of missions include: to bear with you, safety, precautions. They fend off disturbances. They can make shapes in the clouds remotely through consciousness. They create and manifest reality, to expand and strengthen and a power for good. They are creators of soul dreams, so tell them your life plans people! They create miracles. Don't waste the chance in love, as this is the deepest learning, so yes that's where cupid concept comes from! Fantastic darlings...*~

More stories to unfold...

A soul signature reading of Orion Nebula and Polaris

Your soul originated in the 12th density angelic realms of Orion nebula. This energy facilitates automated movement, order, and capability. Also to not fear or own, and to help others play. Cherubim and Seraphim that dance and sing. A back and forth rhythm, movement, speed, and manoeuvrability. Tokens of appreciation and knowing your worth. A place of life skills and releasing the old.

Your Polaris aspect... Polaris is a royal star which also houses angelic realms, but you spent formative years and still favour the Polaris Council of light in 8-9th density. This about energy, raising vibration, shifting, movement, polarity, education, awareness and release. You get into the nitty gritty of shadow with illusions, the old self, and how time is a thief. You have created a true soul signature, a true path, no bull, lol. You help to release the old religions and ways. Preparation for new skills and adventures, and clarity of structure is on the horizon.

Angelic Reporting Back to Source (Orion Nebula): Soul Origin and Signature Reading 

Summary: :A soul that never left source to have an individual expression but stayed within source to be a 'power being.' I think this job was at the heart of creation as an angelic being in the engineering department! They are an engineer today. 

So after millions of years, they wanted a new challenge, and become other types of beings (as you do!) Now they are a human on Earth, reporting back to source. Their third eye is wide open to be able to do this at will! What a blast huh? A powerful being for sure. They are here to absorb the whole experience, of all aspects of humanity (rainbow spectrum energy) and to feel the depths of emotion.

Light Code Poetry
Forces of light, shine so bright
The parts of the wheel, for us to steal
Vision and Truth, that shines for you
This is what's real, and part of the deal
Amber for song, and play along
Looking at health, that leads to wealth
Positive truths, we can't argue
Filled with storms, but yet so warm
Determined and real, helps seals the deal
A pocket of Orion, and still we're trying
Planetary alignments and perspectives
Engaging in arts is still a part

Energy being, all knowing, all seeing
Angelic host is something to toast
Where is the light to give up the fright
Stars that are afar
Vision and might to make things right
We see it, we feel it, it helps us to steal it

What else can we tell, this suits him well
Pleasure and dreams are all of his things
Angelic face is a thing of grace
Still can be cheeky and bold, and sneaky and gold!
Visions of light, that shine so bright
Holding space, and full of grace
Been at it so long, and needed a song
New visions and dreams help fill all the seams
Yes everything's boring if you do it each morning
So that's how we tell, when we've had a long spell
Each change is a dream, and we need it to glean
You still can be cheeky, even if you're a beacon
It's everything new, that fills each part of you
A rebel can yell, and still be so swell
This is yin and it's yang, and we feel when we've sang

What else can we tell? What's part of his spell?
He's wicked and clean, and it's part of his dream
He's night and he's day, and it's still a good way
We can feel this at night, as part of delight
We can still sing so mellow, and be a cheeky fellow

Soul Colours
Gold for the dreams that light up the seams
Red for the jokes that collide and coax
Violet is swell with the visions to tell

The lack of regime is part of your dream
Freedom to roam is part of your home
Riding high on the waves, is what makes you a knave
Flying and flights, is where you feel delight
Red is for action, and you feel this attraction 
To feel it, to see it, is how you achieve it
Full vision and force is part of your choice
You're full on in dreams, and it's all within means
Those wings are your sails, and they help create tales

This light and this shine, will make reason and rhyme
So full are your days, you can really make waves
Each stage of your life, can cause trouble and strife
Each unfolding day can lead to dismay
But it's part of your dream, and it keeps you so keen
You planned it, and feel it, it comes loud and you see it
Such rhythm and grace, and a cheeky little race
That's how you reveal, what's inside and what's real
You do this with light, and you glide through your strife
You will see it yourself, it was there on the shelf
Your beauty and light is part of the night
Turning night into day is always the way
He's cheeky to say sane, it's just part of the game
His red and his gold will help you feel bold

The red and the gold in this life is on hold (currently a water sign)
This is one to be swell, and to look down the well
It's a new way of seeing, and feeling and being
What we tell you is face, and pockets of grace
When you look in the mirror, your soul becomes clearer
So you see where you're right, and your truths and your fights
And this struggle is clear, and defines all the years
The rainbow helps see, every point, every seal
It helps secure space, and to vision the race
So we tell you it's swell, when you look down the well
All the  pockets of dreams and the visions and seams

This is you, this is god sight, omnipresent in light
You report back to base, and it's there in your face!
This is how you can see, everything within means
So you're keepin' it real, all the visions you steal
You're not just a jock, or a girl in a frock! ?
This laughter you eek, is an echo so to speak
Through time and through space, it collides into place
Your pitch on the planet is immense and you planned it
What a beautiful dream, you cheeky little bean! ?

© Copyright Cosmic Panther Starseed Origin Readings