This was a fascinating being that I connected with. I was shown a flying suit. It felt like consciousness energy was combined with technology to create flight, like a superhero. The being's flight suit feels like the one described on the Gaia channel series Cosmic Disclosure season 1 episode 7 (video preview: 'Nazca Tunnels and Super-suit Technology'). I was told that my friend is of this avian humanoid origin, and she has delicate features and beautiful large round eyes, so that must be part of the DNA. Amazing! The mouth they showed me was slightly more droid shaped, but I was drawn to make it more feminine like my friend. I might draw the flight suit at some point. The suit in Cosmic Disclosure was like a wet suit but I saw something much thicker with arm spoilers/flaps, although it may have been to emphasise the point that it was a special flying suit and not just clothing. You know how spirit guides are, it's like playing charades! it felt like they had different coloured collars including blue and red. There was a helmet that was the same shape as the gold face decoration ~ pointing down to the nose. I don't know if the gold forehead decoration is built in, painted on, or consciousness technology, but the diamond felt like a bar code. I was given very specific details about the cheek and eyebrow lines, then I separated them with different colours, and they feel like bird markings, don't they?! The yellow energy was definitely pointing to energy within the consciousness to operate flight. There was a lion being that  danced with her, wow! 


Sharing wisdom and truth and light, wholeness and guidance for the people or beings visiting. Honour, destiny, compassion, raising vibration at a time of change. Gatherings, celebrations, 'Kadava'. Reconnaissance missions to explore other planets and systems. New worlds, beautiful planets. This new-found knowledge makes you want to get up in the morning (as it were!) New systems and exploration is fun. Sharpening your wisdom and talents. They worked with tiger and lion beings. Mission was orange energy for communications and creation. Yes I'm a humanoid with a complex system for flight. My head area has space age technology embedded into my DNA with interplanetary consciousness. My head feels busy - a lot. But my soul is intact. It's like having a phone app on your head. It's fine. I love to explore.
Okay thanks for the teaching, Blessings to you.

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