Orion Constellation

Oh yes, the infamous Orion and it's polarity games. Much fast tracking and deep lessons were gained there. This includes the stars Rigel, Mintaka, Betelgeuse amongst others. There were also some good deeds and joy in those times. Let's have a look...

The Engineer of Life and Soul IN Mintaka

This soul origin is of an engineer, and they are still an engineer today. I was given the name Wijada which may be the planet or his name. This primordial serpent worked with the new planet and is the story maker. This is a mission of security, safety and storytelling. Eyes of gold.

The elders tell a story to cosmic neighbours to spread knowledge far and wide.
It goes up into the music of the universe; you can't beat planetary alignments for imbedding DNA strands.
Here to add form, to digest and communicate in all forms of thought.
It's large soul and light being work, to create the physical.
Repairing, replacing, and replenishing weather systems.
Holding a candle of light; an architect giving birth to a new world.
Holding the sun and sky; ripples and waves to extend consciousness and Hermetic wisdom.
Cutting and weaving through ice and snow; it's the right sort of adventure.
It begins to show through; these figures of thick and thin, pulling through the ages.
I can see how it all works together; like a pilot in flight.
What a wonderful thing to be; TRUE INSPIRATION *~

The Captivated Poet of Rigel

This is a life mission of friendship and finding your joy in oppressive times through poetry. I was practising drawing feline human hybrid beings and realised later that my guides made me draw a story, Wow! Healing was done through this and I am very sure that I knew this person in the year I spent in Rigel, and he is likely to be in my soul family.

A Poem from Rigel
Headache, worry, strife; never enough for your life.
Freedom, honour, joy; was never a thing as a boy.
We worry and haste; but never waste.
Yes it's Orion, and I'm trying to make it work and not feel pain.
I sometimes have laughter, I sometimes feel joy, but really it's better when you have toys.
The power of freedom, the power of will, it's not enough if you have to sit still.
When can I see it ~ the joy and the play; this is the sadness that I feel each day.
Let me come and join the troops; they've left us behind to face the loop, the loop, the loop.
This suffering and pain is back again; I need to stay positive so it'll wash off like rain.
When can we go, I need to get out; there's plenty of wisdom in learning to shout.

More stories to unfold....

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