Higher self aspects 

My Lion Self on the other side of My Dreams, a Multidimensional Aspect

-I asked my guides what I get up to in other realms and when I'm sleeping as my visions and dreams are very busy these days! ? 
-We are multidimensional beings and can operate simultaneously, particularly for older souls become 'larger multi-taskers' mistaken for forgetful, dizzy folk!
-This other aspect of me, a Golden Lion King has a mission of protecting others dreams and minimising fear as an energy being
-Mission colours : there's Gold for sparkle and cheer and Pink for no fear

The Light Code Reading
The places and beings are like other seasons
The places you get to are like planets in despair here
The places and reasons are for managing seasons 
When there's trouble at play you collide and you shake things 
You're an energy fighter when there's wrong then there's right dear 
You're a beautiful being all knowing all seeing 
You are like apple sauce when all wisdom is lost 
You comfort and replace fear and you know what you are dear 
You're an energy being and a lion that makes dreams 
All that wisdom and fear and it shakes through the tears 
Such multi-dimensional wisdom through kith and through kin here 
You give shelter and guidance ~ and sometimes plain silence 
You give laughter and cheer and it lasts through the years 
You give beauty and making, such a grand undertaking 
When the energy's lost, this is how you are boss 
You are in other realms and you're sat at the helm
Yes you can steer any ship any tale any trip 
This is like alter egos and the beauty's like steeples 
It's a multidimensional dream as you sleep and you see things 
You have so many systems and you like how you live them 
You can travel through dreams many ways many means 
Like an energy system and you like all this living 
This is why you need rest and this help suits you best 
This is how you make dreams through all ways and all means 
Yes a lion can roar but can do so much more 
Every step that is taken is a dream in the making 
Every temper that's lost is a part of a cost 
So you see you make dreams in each way and each mean 
As above so below and it's all systems go 
Any time or dimension to relieve all that tension 
Any day any year and reducing the tears 
This is why you are busy in your head and your dizzy 
This is part of confusion and you don't like intrusion 
There are lines on the wheel and you know how it feels 
You're a female in waking but at night your a Gay King 
You're two parts of a cell and you do this so well 
You're a flyer in dreams and you pick up on things 
There is tension and treason and there's all kinds of reasons 
When the wisdom's replaced it will light up their faces 
Then their visions and dreams are their ways and their means 
It's like this and like that, you're a fancy old cat !
So you see what we are saying is you're beauty in making 
You can tell them all straight and that shows them the gate 
You can tell them in dreams and it lights up their seams 
It's like a theme park ride and you shake and collide 
This is why we are are saying you have others in waiting
You provide all the help and to find them in their selves 
You're kaleidoscope dreams any way any means 
When their energy's taken you can rebuild and make them 
You are so good at building and that's how you heal them 
You can see all that healing is just part of your ceiling 
You don't always need crystals you just see where it goes now 
The time is to tell how you make this your cell 
Your hair is like fire and it rages through mire 
Beauty and wisdom cut through cataclysm
You have planets in making as your undertaking
Where houses are here you delight in that fear
It's a sight for sore eyes and it makes us cry
But you love all the things that comes through in their dreams
You're a large and strong soul and you help others glow
So your mission is fire and the flames burn much higher 
It's a fun place to be in the seed of all things
You delight in the tension that makes the suspension 
This provides you a way to connect and to play
This is how you can see things and have others achieve things
So you see you are swell and you know what to tell
When a wisdom is lost you provide them with thoughts
And a tool for the making and forget they were shaking
What do you look like fella? well it's not really jelly!
It's a smooth kind of feeling as you're talking and reeling
It's a heavenly face dear as you weave and you shake things
You're an energy being and it's ever so dreamy
Yes you look like a lion and it's there in the flying
You have wings and a cape and all of the escape
You have passion in dreams and it shows in your seams
You have sparkles aplenty and you shiver and shake dear
You're a Golden Lion King and you're use it with dreams
This is how we can spell you and it's how we will tell you
Such creativity is like jelly and cream and cherry delight
When you turn wrong into right
These are fantastic means in such a fantastic dreams
You see Sparkle's the way to turn night into day!*~
It's like a fashionista and you know when it's kissed ya!
You know this way well and you know about the spell
It's a magic that's deadly when your created aplenty
So is this a higher self reading? I suppose if you see it*~
It's another dimension so I guess time's in suspension
We are multidimensional beings and that's how we see things
I can see many kingdoms but we choose not to read them
There is no time to tell and it is so swell
I can be anything and live any dream
It's only not righting a tension that causes suspension
Do you see why you are needed to feel free and just be here?
This helps with your freedom and your flights and your reasons
So what else can we tell you? You're a jolly good fellow!
Good night and good day
Keep moving and shaking and colliding and making
All those wonderful dreams everywhere every means
We have so many facets of our soul and much assets
We are like a diamond and every way is worth trying
We can fly through our dreams we can sail all the Seas
There's no good or bad there's just now that you have
You make now and that's sweet, it's all there at your feet
Is there more to be told? Know you're strong and you're old
As a soul does get older, it gets longer and bolder
It gets more of a girth and has larger births
So never mistaken an old soul for a stray dear
Old souls are just quiet because they have inside riots
They are full of pure thoughts but can look oh so lost
Judge the book by its cover has no meaning for us here
Old and Wise as a shelf is a part of ourselves
We do like it quiet as there's plenty of riot

Higher self aspect in a future timeline: A leonine Redefining Consciousness in the Capella star system

- Lesson: freedom of expression
- Mission: is in colour brown for working at ground level and red with fire for creative expression
- The work: creating hybrid beings to expand our experience in this universe (4th-5th density). 
- the triangle represents: me, myself and I, past present and future as a multi dimensional being. We have access to all of these timeliness. Keeping the flow and bouncing perspectives around in a creative space 

Redefining Consciousness 

There is no judgement, only diversity and growth. In the Capella belt, the energy is slow, as is the flow. Widening the birth rate is needed. Wounds can be healed and sealed. We can't stay the same, we must keep changing. This creates more perspectives for beings to exist in. Shifting, changing, choosing positive traits. Refining features over time in evolution as we did on Earth for Cro-Magnon, Tyrannosaurus rex, or the horse. All beings are sentient in any shape. A taste of each aspect of the animal energy creates a force for change and good. Your origin creates a signature, but doesn't define you as you are multidimensional. 

The beauty of music, the lightness of day, the making of creatures brings faith and replay 
This is a sweet mission it's filled with delight, the tales are there for us with each passing night
Such wisdom upon us to see it in play, what's here is before us to think of new ways... 
In freedom and honour it's here every time, the vision is here for us to be unique and sublime 
There are so many options to be and choose, ways to exist in each form and to make us relate 
We need new perspectives to think and to feel, that so that we create new expressions and widen the reel...
of life in the cosmos, it's only in the playing and making new beings is part of the way 
The game is diversity and we must create, for creation is how we feel and relate
Don't think of the concepts of Labs and playing God, as our expression is where the game is, just nod 
This is where the fun is, and it gets very loud, so think us good fortune and make us feel proud 

Copyright Mystic Panther Starseed Readings