Activate  your Strengths

through your Akashic Heritage

Akashic Light Code Readings and Art reveal your Soul's Talents and Creative Expression in so many Shapes and Forms ~*~

What's light code poetry and prose?

Sparkling and divine, light comes in lines
The energy they transmit, is a perfect fit
Poetry has rhythm, plugged into these gridlines of cause and effect

I've tried to classify life missions...

2) Shadow Work and Transformation
All about triggers to redefine you and break free from illusion, the darkest parts of us that force change for growth. This is the water element that delves deep into emotions, but also fire that transmutes existing systems.
- A Soul Signature Reading of Orion Angel and Polaris Council
- An Angelic Reporting back to Source: (Orion Nebula)

3) Repair and Care
These are the healers, helpers and caregivers for times in our life when we need it.
- Wellness Expert of Sirius
- The Bridled Bear of Capella
- The Doctor of Capella
- The Tree Helper of Capella (elemental lifetime)
- Avian Scout of Cassiopeia 

4) Freedom and Truth
This is helping to see the light, protection and realising your dreams. So far, I've discovered that Angels, lion, gryphon and wolf energy beings are great at this type of empowerment. 
- Felines and Wolves (Energy Beings page)
- The Dream Walker of Andromeda (Gryphon)
- Andromeda Constellation Avian Being