Wellness EXPERT of Sirius 

A soul origin reading. Your soul is easy to connect with. Living your highest life, yet keeping grounded and long lived. Avoiding stagnant energy in the bunkers. Meditation, balance, and wholeness to reach a new plateau. Sound therapy, using frequency. Quiet, writing notes, and observing. Keeping records of these thoughts in a health facility. Tall humans, tall doorways. Beautiful blue eyes. Sparkly heeled sandals, and very feminine. What it takes to be an energy source. Not an easy job. Joy... pain... a tool for growth. Piscean energy. The planets in the Sirius system are mostly water covered with very challenging living conditions. Its a compressed environment of air systems and atmospheric pressure. Ear, nose and throat issues arise. There is nasal and sinus congestion, headaches and lack of breath. This lead to evolution of shorter noses and larger sinus cavities in those humans. There was slower digestion so exercise was important. You used pink energy for compassion, violet for spiritual wisdom, turquoise for empathy, and orange for joy, creativity and confidence. Those conditions could be sad at times. Your guides are so proud of you today. So touching!

Flow State Clothing Designer of Sirius

This was a lifetime mission dealing with the issues similar to the Wellness expert and living in bunkers on a planet often water covered with very challenging living conditions. Issues of blood circulation, emotions and air pressure would have also affected the chakra energy system. They showed me wrinkles in the skin up the neck and down the back, which might be raised blood vessels. The flow state encompasses all of those areas. She used advanced technology and materials that we don't have in the mainstream today. The guides said "Wear Deschanel; committed to quality." You can see in the headband and collar that the surface felt shimmery and metallic and it must have regulated blood flow and pressure. My guides told me that she wore robes and she adjusted light language for the right frequency. This felt like a creative and spiritual mission of the colour violet.

The forest singer of Sirius  

I have a brown mission of connecting with nature, and orange for creativity and communication. I reflect the past for healing with the Pixl. We are short folk, maybe three feet tall, in fifth density. The soul speaks through art. The tale is told in the Elven kingdom of Lannok. With song I release light codes. Every day I use them for spiritual growth, like my elders. I ride my horse through the forest and I create magical influence through song. This is the pearl of Sirius, lifting the hearts of other beings. Raising the shadows into lightness. There are bear/dog people, rodents and other animals similar to Earth, but everything moves in an energetic way, even the leaves can dance. 

The Keeper of Codes in Sirius

This is a soul origin for a client with a brown mission for connecting with the earth planes.  "Baked not fried to perfection." This means created slowly and perfectly. He was very focussed on the mission as a being of light. He had dolphin energy for play, and wolf as a watcher of Kingdoms and lore. There were flights of fancy as a creationist and expansionist. So many stories and magic in Pixl. Imagery, colour, and creation was important. DNA codes must remain in the land to keep information portrayed correctly through the tales in dreamtime, as we are here on this page * ~ You can see how getting the story correct is important here as all forms of expression contain energy.
There is a margin of gold energy like the Blue-printer angelic energy of Andromeda Galaxy here. This in the Sirius B system. I asked can't we have more? There is no more to tell. Okay, thank you blessed dragon keeper.