Galactic Astrology £16

Activate your soul: 1 page of a large range of star, animal and angelic alignments (full details) 
plus a 2 page guidance PDF
Alignments are:
1) Today’s mission, lessons and fulfilment - or-
2) Lifetimes, soul groups or visiting missions
... only Akashic readings clarify
(unknown time: less accurate)

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Time, Date, Place of Birth

Akashic Reading Offers!

Reading in Note Form £30
Light Code Poetry Reading + Summary £34 (£33 using friends and family) 

Light Code Poetry is Your Soul Activation!
The stars in the sky, tell us where to fly
Sparkling and divine, light comes in lines
The energy they transmit, is a perfect fit
Poetry has rhythm, plugged into grids of cause and effect
This version of you, now becomes true

I work with the Lords of light, Archangels, guides, masters and teachers. The Akashic records are your library of lifetimes, skills and karma. Examples are on almost every web page or visit starseed stories.
A single subject Akashic reading is emailed. (7 pages of writing) 

Akashic Reading Choice:
1 ) Soul Origin/Signature (see FAQ 6)
2) Higher Self Aspect
3) Life Mission
4) Let your Guides Choose 
5) A Past Life (earth, galactic, or karmic release) (past life egs)
6) Angelic Guidance and colour healing specific to this lifetime 
7) A Spirit Guide /soul group 
8) Your Animal Communication Guide 
9) Your Own Question (eg. relationships, twin flame journey, your last lifetime with your friend , your pets higher mission )

Your guides decide what comes through, but let me know questions. Sometimes healing journey or guidance are included because it's part of the struggle leading to your current soul mission, or it's advice to prepare for soul activation. There may be other themes and how you looked, be it animal, light being or in between! 

SAVER! Galactic Astrology + Akashic Reading £44

Any Akashicreading in note form, plus the astrology. 

Akashic Reading + Portrait £49

An Akashic reading in Note Form is included, and the portrait will activate you. Intuitive art is always open to creative interpretation and extra sparkle. Art is digitally enhanced and emailed as A4 size.
A 1-page Akashic reading is included
You can Choose:
- Soul Origin
- A Notable lifetime
- Higher Self aspect
- A Spirit Guide 
To get into the records: full legal name, birth time, place and date is needed.

Pet Higher Self Art & Notes £34

Starseed pets do have as many lifetimes as we do in the most glorious places! If you have a very strong connection, then they are probably a strong candidate! 
Send me a photo to say hello first, as not all pets wish to connect.

Akashic Reading Order Form: 

- Full current legal name 
- Birth time, place and date
(all birth data is solely for the use of readings, and is never shared)

Light Code Poetry Full Readings discounted to £33...

via PayPal Friends and Family; 

Choose a Reading
Choose a Reading Type
Name, birthdate, time, place

New! Soul Path Updates

You can have updates on where you are and how to realign your energy to stay on your soul path. I have these monthly for myself

Soul Path Updates: Choose Frequency
Full Legal Name, D.O.B, Place

Light Code Poetry Activations

Hormone Balance Light Code Meditation~ Special Offer!

£ 3 

Hormone and Inner Balance Angelic Light Code Poetry Meditation is read out to help activate your inner balance. This light poetry steers you to the balanced state. Emailed to you as PDF text.

Karmic Release Light Code Meditation~ Special Offer!

£ 9 

Angelic light code poetry releases old codes of trauma to create freedom through the generations! this is emailed to you as PDF text

Cell Repair Light Code Poetry Meditation~ Special Offer!

£ 12 

Take the leap forward to Angelic light code cell repair! Encoded systems of repair and replacement. A powerful mode to break old codes. There are three stages to this powerful inner child healing: 1) Release Trauma from your Cells 2) Repair Energy Points: Energy realignment of physical, emotional and spiritual inputs 3) Cell Renewal. A YouTube guided meditation and PDF text is provided