Akashic Readings.

What are Akashic Readings?

I work with the Archangels, guides, masters and teachers. The Akashic records is your library of soul contracts, lifetimes, skills and karma.
A single subject Akashic reading using automatic writing is typed and emailed or messaged. You'll find examples on almost every page of the website.

What's light code poetry & prose?

Your soul activation!
The stars in the sky, tell us where to fly
Sparkling and divine, light comes in lines
The energy they transmit, is a perfect fit
Poetry has rhythm, plugged into the gridlines
This version of you, now becomes true


reading in Note Form £30
Light Code Poetry Reading + Summary £33 

Akashic Reading Subjects to Choose:
1 ) Soul Origin/Signature (see Starseed Origin Readings)
2) Higher Self Aspect
3) Life Mission
4) Let Your Guides Choose
5) A Past Life (Earth, galactic, karmic, most recent) (past life egs)
6) Healing and Guidance 
7) A Spirit Guide + Soul Group
8) Your Last Lifetime
9) Your Own Question
10) Your Animal Communication Guide
Your guides decide what comes through, but let me know questions. Sometimes healing journey or guidance are included in any reading because it's part of the struggle leading to your current soul mission, or it's advice to prepare for soul activation. There may be other themes and how you looked, be it animal, light being or in between! 

To get into the records: Full Current Legal Name, Place and Date of Birth is required.

Full Poetry readings are discounted to £33...

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